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Lennox air conditioning systemWhen considering installing a new or replacing an existing cooling system, capacity of the system and the energy efficiency of the system are the two essential items to be considered. Each building is unique, requiring different solutions, and one of Gilley’s experienced ‘Whole House’ Experts will be glad to help you determine which system meets your needs. A system that is too small will be unable to keep your building at the ideal temperature. But a system that is too large will cost more to purchase and operate, and will be less comfortable than a properly sized system.
Gilley’s will help you determine the capacity of your A/C system, but we first must know what your comfort goals are.
The industry standard for determining the capacity needed for the Monroe-West Monroe climate is to maintain an inside temperature of 75 degrees, when the outside temperature is 100 degrees. Your particular preference may vary. Units do this by removing the necessary amount of heat (BTUs) from your building’s air.

A/C units range in capacity from 1.5 ton systems, which can remove about 18,000 BTUs per hour, to 5 ton systems, equipped to remove about 60,000 BTUs per hour.

An equally important consideration is how much energy your system requires to remove those BTUs.


All units have two energy efficiency ratings, a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating), plus an EER (Energy Efficiency Rating). Just like your miles per gallon ratio, the higher the rating, the less energy is consumed. By law, the SEER must be at least 14 and can go as high as 20. We will present you with a range of system options so you can make an informed decision. Because of Monroe-West Monroe’s extreme summer weather, which puts serious strain on your system and your energy bill, Gilley’s recommends at least a SEER of 16, and an EER of 14. There are usually incentives to help you achieve this standard.
In addition, you should be aware of the several upgrades available. Some of the more important ones include:
• Upgrades to two stage or inverter compressor technology• Noise suppression technology• Warranties• Equipment safety controls• Zoning

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