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zoning systemsA zoning system is installed on a central air conditioning system in order to better control the temperatures of up to four distinct sections (zones) of your building. This is done by installing motorized dampers to control the amount of air flowing to each zone. Each zone has its own thermostat, which is wired to an electronic control board along with the dampers. When any zones’ thermostats call for conditioned air, those dampers will open and the other dampers will close, forcing the conditioned air to the zones that need it.
Zoning systems are the ultimate product for temperature control, customizing your building’s comfort in a shorter time and at a lower energy cost. These systems are commonly used on two story homes to separate the two levels and on single story homes to separate living areas from the bedroom wing. Other uses include zoning for master bedrooms, media rooms, or server rooms, to provide precise temperature control.
There are many features and benefits of a zoning system, and each system is unique to the building it serves.
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