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Thermostats come in a variety of models, but through many years of experience with all brands of thermostats, Gilley’s has identified the ones that are the most reliable and the most appropriate.

Tier I

Sometimes simple is best. Gilley’s Tier I electronic thermostat is a manual, non-programmable thermostat that is easy to use. We install the Tier I, which has a light-up display and can be used with conventional systems.

Tier II

For customers who prefer to have more features in their thermostat, or have two stage systems, Gilley’s installs the Tier II. The Tier II is a performance series thermostat with auto changeover available. If you want a simple two stage thermostat, this thermostat is for programmable 7 days, 5-2 days, and all days’ with a programmable or non-programmable operation. The features and benefits of this thermostat are: Easy-to-Read, Attractive, Low Profile, Customizable from your Wall or Desktop, Automatic Heating or Cooling Selection and One-Touch Convenience.

Tier III

Infinity Touch Control, Easy-to-Read and Navigate, Simple, Customizable Comfort, One Touch Flexibility, Automatic, On-Screen Reminders, Energy Savings Monitoring and Control. These thermostats are touch screens and are web enabled, allowing you to control their operation from the internet and from some smartphones. These thermostats constantly monitor the system, and automatically alert you to any problems. Consult us for specific details or Click Here to schedule an appointment online.

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