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maintenance_01Spring Maintenance

• Test Thermostat Operation / Calibration• Inspect Blower Belts (If Necessary) • Lubricate Blower Motor (If Necessary)• Lubricate Blower Wheel (If Necessary)• Visual Inspection of Indoor Coil• Check Temperature Differential• Inspect Electrical Disconnect Wires• Inspect Electrical Component Wires• Test Line / Load Voltage• Test Refrigerant Charge• Inspect Outdoor Coils & Wash w/ Water– (If Necessary)• Inspect Condenser Fan Motor• Inspect Condenser Bearings• Check Suction Pressure• Check Discharge Pressure• Check Superheat or Sub Cool• Check Amps on Outdoor Motor• Check Outdoor Entering Air• Check Outdoor Leaving Air• Check Indoor Entering Temp• Check Indoor Leaving Temp• Inspect Condensate Pump and Drains• Inspect Transformer• Includes Standard 1″ Filters

Fall Maintenance

• Check for Carbon Monoxide Leaks• Inspect Igniter• Inspect Rectifier Probe• Check Differential Pressure Switch• Inspect Draft Inducer• Inspect Exchanger for Micro Holes• Inspect Exchanger for Rust• Inspect Exchanger Face Plate• Check Pilot Assembly• Check Gas Valve Operation• Check for Gas Leaks• Check Gas Pressure• Inspect Limits and Safety Switches• Inspect Flue Conditions and Codes• Inspect Electrical Disconnect Wires• Inspect Electrical Component Wires• Inspect Door Switch for Safety• Check Safety Drain Pan Switches• Check Blower Motor• Inspect Indoor Coil for Visible Leaks• Minor Cleaning of Indoor Coil• Check Condensate Drain Line• Check Thermostat Operation / Calibration• Cycle System and Test Safety of Operation• Includes Standard 1″ Filters


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